Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marc Scheff - I love you, man

A very late freeform Sunday post.

I was trained in oils. We used every medium in art school, but oils was the only one I know how to handle when it came to rendering, or drawing. Everything else was too hard to control. Acrylics, and gouache were a nightmare. Trying to get forms rendered without looking like a fingerpainting was next to impossible.

Years later, my whole approach has changed, and solidified, all digitally. The way I paint now is nothing like how I used to, and I got curious. So I reached out to Scott Bakal and asked him about what paints he used on his Month of Love sketches. Turns out what he had to say about acrylic was just what I felt like was missing from natural media.

So I ordered a few tubes in a few colors and tried just a test, a quick sketch to see how it felt. Fair to say, you'll see more acrylic from me. So, thanks Scott. I love you, man.


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