Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome to the Month of Love!

I've been wanting to set up a daily sketch challenge for a while and decided that February would be a good month to give it a go. (shortest month = slightly less intimidating right?) I also believe having some sort of focus to sketching helps the ideas flow and February, with it's Hallmark Holiday vibe, provided the inspiration. The theme of course: LOVE. 

Love is a complex beast. One day a year it's built up, wrapped up, marked up and torn down.  How can just one day be expected to contain all the flavors in the oldest muse of them all? It can't. But maybe 28 days can...Let's rescue February from the flower shops and devote the whole month to love.

The best way to make a drawing challenge better is to make it social. Also, a support/shaming system is a good way to motivate. So I put out a call and some amazing artists agreed to join me on this ride.  →

The challenge is this:

Every day in February, we will Draw/Paint/Create something love-related and post it. Images revolving around the heart, relationships (or lack thereof), inspiration, heart-breaking, ship-launching beauty, romance, sex, unrequited, innocent, fetish, crushes and whatever else we can think of. Half the days will be free-for-alls, half the days we will set up challenges for each other. Sunday we will take a break from the Love theme and draw anything we want. In the end, the most important thing is sitting down every day for a few minutes to make something.

You are invited to follow along or even do your own Month of Love! Find us on Twitter for bonus material and send us link to your own #monthoflove sketches if you're feeling brave.

Thank you Jeanine Henderson for our beautiful logo and background!