Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Mating Rituals

Thankfully I never shared a room in my college days. So I never ran into this.

Kristina Carroll - Mating Rituals

Everyone tries to put on their best features, real or not,  when meeting new people. Sometimes the mask comes off after a while, sometimes it stays on as a barrier from person to person, but everyone wears them.

Very, very rough sketch that I may like to develop more.

Scott Brundage- Mating Rituals

A male hippo will spray his poo at a potential mate. Apparently the females are into it.

Kristina Carroll - I love my job

James Gurney painting a student
Jim Burke has been doing some amazing things with the illustration program at NHIA, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. The latest big project was coordinating a a demo, a lecture AND a stunning Dinotopia show in our gallery through a partnership with the Norman Rockwell Museum. (up through March 13th) Needless to say the students are ecstatic.(they've been talking about this for months - I love my students. They know what's up.) So I decided to do this sketch of James during his demo, but as I didn't get home until 1pm last night I am only getting to post it now. (btw- that big square in front of him is the laptop monitor pointed at his painting to project it on the big screen in the auditorium. IT didn't look like the most comfortable set-up but didn't prevent James from making a beautiful portrait.)

Marc Scheff - Love Balloon

Continuing my bromance with another Tim Paul sketch. This is yesterday's post, which I tried to post from my phone, but the Blogger app doesn't let you resize images and Tim's head would be HUGE. We can't have that.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Mating Rituals

The way we dress, the clothes we wear, the postures we take everyday - to me they are a low-level, constant hum of a mating ritual.

Carly Janine Mazur - Odd Couple

Here's my odd couple meant for yesterday's challenge!

Scott Murphy - TV Sketch

A bit low on inspiration tonight, so I decided to just do a quick sketch of Lis watching tv.