Monday, February 3, 2014

Tim Paul-#nofiltered Love


Took longer than I thought!

Unfiltered Love! PDAs!

Richie Pope-The #nofilter Valentine

When the "honeymoon phase" wore off, it turned into something much deeper. I loved her so much that I wanted to share my entire world.

After a few years, we moved in together.

Lee Moyer - The #nofilter Valentine

For the better part of a year, I've been creating fun-loving series of Small Gods for the 21st century.
The goal is daily practice, using different techniques and covering a wide range of subjects.
When Kristina suggested a Month of Love, it sounded right up my street….

Elisabeth Alba - The #nofilter Valentine

Immediately what popped into my head was the idea of the anti-prince charming... that Beauty had to actually look past the terrifying/hideous exterior of the beast to find love... she actually got to know him first! This could also work with some versions of the princess and the frog. Sometimes love is not all about love at first sight or having to know first date that he or she is the one... I know it took me a few dates with my fiance to go from 'but I didn't want a boyfriend' to 'yup, want a boyfriend, this boyfriend.' (not that he's a terrifying hairy beast! well... actually...)

Also, did anyone else hate human-beast in Disney's version? I mean... why would you want to trade this for this??? Seriously...

Kevin Jay Stanton - The #nofilter Valentine

Valentine's Day for me isn't a whole lot different from other nights I spend with my boyfriend. Usually he cooks, maybe I cook, we watch a movie, sleep. There's one ritual though, which I think counts as celebrating V-Day: discount chocolate. February 15th is prime-pickings for leftover chocolate and the prices are cut deep. I barely eat chocolate normally, but I'm looking forward to this year's trek for CVS's slashed priced candy (my favorite are the scalloped ones)!