Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kristina Carroll - Love is Blind

The love of oneself is often the hardest love to give.  We see our faults and our failings so easily, and they can blind us to seeing the part of our-self that deserves love.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Love is Blind

Narciso Espiritu - Love is Blind

What a packed day. Couldn't get to a scanner because I was at a workshop at 3x3 all day, a gallery opening for my work, and a birthday party. Which I'm at right now.
I'm just happy my post isn't totally cliche.

Ålice Stanne - Love Is Blind

My roommate and I have been watching a terrible amount of this new MTV show Catfish where people fall in love with someone on the internet having never actually met and develop these incredibly intense relationships, sometimes lasting as long as 10 years. At the behest of one side of the couple the host of the show does some digging around to see is the other half of the couple is actually who they say they are (spoiler alert! usually they are not). He will then introduce the couple for the first time face to face. These meetings always end differently; some are incredibly sweet, some are sad, and but the person never turns out to be exactly what the other was expecting.

So I decided to focus on how you are rendered blind meeting someone on the internet, they can build the life of whoever they want to be...

And please excuse the poor quality of the image, I am at my grandmother's house where the words scanner and Photoshop do not exist. I will upload a cleaner image when I am home.

Kate Feirtag- Love is Blind

Carly Janine Mazur - Love is Blind

5"x7" oil and acrylic on masonite
Love is blind, and some have their priorities focused upon things way different than those of others.

Tara Jacoby - Love is Blind

Here's a bouquet of red flags.... I did this in 15 minutes!

Jeanine Henderson—Love is Blind

I haven't been able keep up commenting on everybody's work, but it's all so fantastic! You guys are all super talented and very inspiring! Thanks, Kristina, for getting this group together!

For today's challenge, I just had a little fun with a simple sketch playing on words...

Tim Paul - Love is Blind

digital illustration, Painter

The term Love is Blind refers to not seeing the faults of the other person. It's used to explain/justify how two seemingly mismatched people could be together. My first thought was just that, two people staring intently into each others eyes, and behind them, all the baggage and faults of each person towering up behind them.

But recently I saw a screening of Cabaret. In the movie, there is the song "If You Could See Her (Gorilla Song)". Played for humorous effect, by having the object of the singers affection being a Gorilla dressed in women clothing. But the song ends with the line, "If you could see her through my eyes, she wouldn't look Jewish at all." Instantly changing the song from a humorous song, to a comment on the social and politics of the time. (Cabaret is set in Berlin, Germany, on the verge of WWII).

People have always tried to use Love to suppress someone's rights. Be it because of religion, race, class or sexuality. But when it comes down to it, Love is Blind. It sees none of these things. 

Sarah Gay- Love is Blind

..and sometimes without words.

Chris O'Neill - Love is Blind

My Love MUST be blind... and if she ever gets really good glasses, I'm in trouble!


Scott Brundage-Love is Blind

Your friend is gonna love that ugly  baby no matter what.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Blind Love

I think we've all had someone cast this spell on us before.

Scott Murphy - Love is Blind

Well, bats aren't technically blind....but you get the point.

Terese Nielsen - Love is Blind

Assemblage: found/collected objects and epoxy   (center heart is "love" in braille)

Cynthia Sheppard - Love Is Blind

Perhaps Love is Justice's younger sister...

Kyle Smart - Love is Blind

Awesome work everyone!

Marc Scheff - Love is Blind

First I want to thank Kristina for this great project, and for gathering all these great illustrators. I am honored to be on the team with some of my personal illustration heroes. I am also excited about building up some more of my own editorial muscle and show more of that side of my brain. With that in mind...

When I hear the phrase "Love is Blind" I immediately think of the song by U2, and Bono's fight against poverty, war, and inequality in the world. I think of that famous image of a flower child placing a flower into the barrel of a gun. I think of the Occupy movement and how those same overtures are now met with unabashed violence.

I think of the issue of gun control, and the endless stream of homicides in the news, and the furious debate over how to create a safe world for our children, and for ourselves. I think that both sides of the debate can agree we want a world that is safe. They just don't agree on how to get there. I read a lot about these issues, and science shows that more guns just means more killing. Expressing love for our brothers and sisters by self-arming is, in fact, blind to the ongoing cost of that method.

pencil / digital

pencil sketch

Jaime Zollars - Love

This is going to be harder than I thought. Drew much of this one while holding a baby. I happen to really like old valentines and wanted to draw something decorative. I'm guessing I'll be doodling variations of these, and I'd like to color this in flats, probably gouache, sometime soon as an experiment working on some more graphic pieces.