Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tim Durning- Favorite Love Story

Gromwell (noun): (Plants) any of various hairy plants of the boraginaceous genus Lithospermum, esp L. officinale, having small greenish-white, yellow, or blue flowers, and smooth nutlike fruits.

I had some trouble thinking of love stories that really affected me, but while scrolling through movie ratings I hit The Baxter and started smiling. A "baxter" is the nice guy the leading lady leaves for the leading man and this movie by the comedians behind Stella and Wet Hot American Summer is genre-aware, ridiculous, and very sweet.

Alice Stanne - Favorite Love Story

I guess 'favorite' and 'love story' might not be the best words to describe to Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. It's more like most unforgettable heartbreak of my young life. The books definitely do not qualify as love stories but for some reason the way they ended really stuck with me. I was also probably very jealous that people's souls were animals who hung around their person, talking with them and being their closest friends.

Anna Christenson - Favorite Love Story

The first love story that came to mind when thinking of this week's challenge brief was the myth of Narcissus and Echo.  I decided to go with it, because it is a sad and beautiful story, but also one I think can be totally relatable at times. I think most people go through periods of self-obsession that are detrimental to either their mental or physical well-being, let along those around them (depression, addiction, hubris, etc), or have felt ignored and unloved. 

I'd really like to go back and do this piece traditionally. I am not sure it got the time it deserved!

Kiri Østergaard Leonard - Favourite Love Story

As a child I grew up with a well stocked treasury of Donald Duck magazines and books. I always felt so bad for poor Donald when he would mess up and Daisy would get angry with him, or when she tried to make him jealous. The stories about the two of them were my favourites, especially when he would finally manage to make her happy and get a little peck on the cheek.

Jeanine Henderson—Favorite Love Story

My valentine to Johnny Cash & June Carter—because doesn't everyone want a love story like theirs? 

My Dad used to talk about how much Johnny loved June, and how he died of a broken heart shortly after he lost her. I don't believe in "storybook" or "perfect" love, which is why I guess I always loved their story—the truest, strongest kind of love weathers all the storms and can't be broken, even by death.

I tried some new things with this piece,  looking to the iconic Hatch Show posters for inspiration.

Lee Moyer - Favorite Love Story