Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kristina Carroll - First Love Story: Part 1

In 6th grade Chris started walking me home from school and became my first boyfriend.

Carly Janine Mazur - M'AIDEZ!

7"x5" collage and acrylic on masonite
After I graduated from college I made the decision to move back home to Connecticut. I had left my college friends behind, and the friends I had in Connecticut from high school were elsewhere, living their own college and post-college lives. In essence, I was marooned.

Within two months of moving back, my brother, the only person keeping me sane and entertained at the time, went to California. I was bored, lonely, and needed someone to rescue me from going insane! (to be continued...)

Kate Feirtag- Love at First Site, Part 1


Tim Paul - Series I

Since this is a narrative series challenge, I shall let the piece speak.

Scott Brundage- Middle School

I've known my fiance, Bonnie, since 6th grade. 7th grade Spanish class was our first class together. I spent much of the year like this, figuring out various and increasingly creative ways to get shot down by her.

Jeffrey Alan Love - My Favorite Figure Drawing Model

Marc Scheff - I left my heart in San Francisco

Vday Challenge, Day One

My wife and I went to college together, but never met there. We have all the same friends, but didn't run in the same circles, if that makes sense. We both moved to San Francisco, and she quickly sped back to New York. She came back to visit a lot, and years later we met and knew each other in our circle of friends.

Some of these friends organized a big scavenger hunt on a weekend she was visiting, and placed us on the same team. With our paper tickets in hand, we wandered the twistiest streets of the city searching for obscurities. We found them, but we also found each other.

Marc Scheff - I love you, man

A very late freeform Sunday post.

I was trained in oils. We used every medium in art school, but oils was the only one I know how to handle when it came to rendering, or drawing. Everything else was too hard to control. Acrylics, and gouache were a nightmare. Trying to get forms rendered without looking like a fingerpainting was next to impossible.

Years later, my whole approach has changed, and solidified, all digitally. The way I paint now is nothing like how I used to, and I got curious. So I reached out to Scott Bakal and asked him about what paints he used on his Month of Love sketches. Turns out what he had to say about acrylic was just what I felt like was missing from natural media.

So I ordered a few tubes in a few colors and tried just a test, a quick sketch to see how it felt. Fair to say, you'll see more acrylic from me. So, thanks Scott. I love you, man.

Kristina Carroll - Bakery Love

Due to a long teaching day and a Migraine when I got home, I didn't even touch my sketchbook or computer yesterday.  So here's my make-up art. This is a quick interior sketch of Fornax- the bakery in my village whose buttermilk biscuits make life worth living. I really love this place- it's charming and home-y and every restaurant in the neighborhood buys bread from them. I often stop by after my morning walk to grab a coffee and sketch when I have time, it's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Jaime Zollars - Food Love

So, I always get called out on Twitter for talking too much about food and all the horrible stuff I eat when on deadlines or working...so I thought I'd take inventory of some of my favorite foods, if they can all technically be referred to as such.

Terese Nielsen - Love my MtG Fans

This is my day of love to my most awesome fans. 

Sorry, this post gets messed up with the east coast/west coast time-frame. I still have another couple of hours here on the west coast to post for day 11.      : ) 

This is a quick bit of fun for the love and appreciation I have for my "Magic the Gathering" fans! Thank you all!! 
Anyone that posts "something" here on this "Month of Love" post, qualifies for an (in a hat drawing, on Feb. 14th) to win this (quickly altered playable) "Force of Will", or a second prize, limited edition of 50 print (of your choice)  or third prize, limited edition of 500 print (also of your choice).  Thanks for looking!

Big February loves! <3 <3

It's the evening of February 13th. Thanks so much to everyone who came over and left such amazing comments and looked at our "Month of Love" projects.

Just so you know the cutoff for making a comment is 9 a.m. pacific standard time. At that time we'll print whatever names are listed, cut them, throw them in a hat, and we'll do a little video of me picking the names. We'll put that video here within this blog post, and on my FB page "The Art of Terese Nielsen" announcing the winners. We'll post it in the afternoon tomorrow (14th) on Valentines day. Good luck, February loves, and spread the love. : )

And the winners are...

Sorry for the blurry close-ups. We just did the quick unedited Flip camera version. For the 3 winners please contact me at terese@tnielsen.com so we can work out addresses to mail your goodies out to, and in the case of #2 and #3 winners, which print you'd like. Oh and to view which prints I have available please go to tnielsen.com .


March 5th UPDATE:

The "Month of Love" giveaway was great fun. Thank you all for participating!
Joe Klesert selected a 13x19" "Angel of Jubilation" print, Kaja Federowicz picked the large 17x22" "Enter the Infinite" print, and the *first place winner for the drawing* "Tanarin" who posted here *won*!

HOWEVER-- I can't get in touch with whomever this is! If anyone knows them by all means let them know. There's been no response thus far and it's been over 2 weeks now.  I'll wait until March 14th and then post another quick video of me drawing a new name. I saved them all in the hat just in case this happened.

Please check back here or on my FB page to find out who wins this next time. : )


March 15 UPDATE:

A new name has been selected for the 1st place altered Force of Will! Here's a quick video of me drawing the name.

For the record I had NO idea I'd be so wiggly in the video... swear to god I wasn't drunk. Plus, on the teeny flip video I "thought" it was in focus, but no. Anyway, long way of saying the video is lame and I would have redid it but then the drawing wouldn't have been legit, so we're stuck with a crappy video. Sorry about that.  : )  Now please contact me so I can give this away!  : )

Scott Murphy - Monster Love

I must confess that today I am cheating a bit because I've got a major deadline coming up and have been working like crazy! 
Today I present an illustration I did almost exactly three years ago which I made as the first valentine I gave to my then, and still girlfriend, Lis. It's quite different than my normal style, but to this day it still hangs on our refrigerator because we both enjoy it. He's some sort of abominable snowman who's extremely happy being filled with so much love.
Adobe Illustrator