Friday, February 15, 2013

Jeanine Henderson—It's Raining Love

Sorry for so many posts tonight! Just getting caught up- such a busy week so great to just have fun drawing tonight!

Jeanine Henderson—Unexpected Love, part 3

Within just a few months of dating, John & I traveled to Colorado, Maui, Vermont, the Poconos, Austin, and then to celebrate our first year took a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from Portland to San Diego (1400 miles in 8 days in a very small convertible without killing each—that's gotta be true love!) The adventure's continued ever since—and it's the best journey I've ever been on, with lots more to come! (I know, I know...cheesy! but true! haha)

Jeanine Henderson—Unexpected Love, part 2

Trying to catch up on overdue posts! :)
After John & I left the bar the night we met, he walked me to the subway, and gave me our  first kiss on the corner of 6th Avenue & 14th Street. Then he said "we should do this again—you have my card, call me sometime." I asked if he wanted my number...he said no! Ha! Talk about mixed signals! Lucky for him, I texted him the next day to say hello, and he asked me out right away. We pretty quickly fell for each other after that, and so the journey began...

Marc Scheff - Bitterness INC

Two weeks later, Choe flew back to San Francisco where I was throwing an underground party called Bitterness INC. I built a ten foot glowing heart in three dimensions to hang in the center of the warehouse, and Chloe brought her dancing shoes. I remember sitting inside the heart fixing something when Chloe appeared in the opening, smiled, and gave me a big kiss. I don't know when we said I love you, but I remember that moment as the beginning of falling in love.

Other notes: One of the guys who organized the scavenger hunt co-organized this event with me and is now one of our son's godfathers.

Further note: Chloe is six inches taller than me. This image makes sense, actually.

Scott Murphy - Skull Love

As far as i'm concerned, there's never a bad time to draw skulls. I was messing around with some charcoal dust for this one. 

Kristina Carroll - Cat Tryst

For some reason on my morning walks lately, I've been coming across pairs of cats interacting fairly regularly. And whenever I do, it always seems as if I am interrupting something intimate. They immediately stop what they're doing and stare at me until I leave, and I walk away feeling slightly ashamed.

Jeffrey Alan Love - The Sword from Toledo

When I was 6 my father went to Spain for work for a few weeks.  When he came back he gave me a sword.  It wasn't just any sword, however.  It was a sword from Toledo, which as any child of 6 who is obsessed with knights, swashbucklers, and pirates can tell you is famous for its steel and the  swords made from that steel.  It was like a tale of old - my father journeys to a distant land to bring back a sword for his firstborn son (my brother also got a sword, but that's beside the point).  The sword seemed huge, larger even than me.  As I've gotten older and grown the sword has shrunk to normal size, but the immense magic that it sparked within me, the limitless places it took my imagination, still remain. 

Challenge #6 for Saturday Feb. 16th

Our 6th Challenge  comes courtesy of Scott Bakal

The subject is:  "Tainted Love"

Carly Janine Mazur - Car Rides

5"x7" collage and acrylic on masonite, in a car

A month or two into getting to know each other and building a close friendship, John took me to go ice skating. We were supposed to meet up with two friends of his, but they overslept. After John and I skated around for an hour looking like idiots, he suggested lunch. We ended up at a vegan place, tucked away in a back parking lot a few towns over.

As I got out of the car, he sat down on the hood, and after a moment of looking out into space, he asked me out. It caught me by surprise, but the moment was perfect. To this day I still think our friends flaking out on us was all part of the plan for John to woo me. Regardless, we started dating two days later. The rest is history.

Since then the car has been a staple in our lives. We have gone on so many adventures, whether they started off with a destination or not--sometimes the trips just resulting in the two of us driving around for hours for the fun of it. All I can say is I hope the adventures never end :)