Sunday, February 3, 2013

Narciso Espiritu - Freestyle

So, I love this comic called Saga. These are the two protagonists. My work is currently in an Avengers Tribute show, so I'm in a comic book mood. Then again, I usually am.

Kristina Carroll - Blue Magic

Blue Magic
Just playing with textures and movement. Always trying to find ways to loosen up and simplify.

Tara Jacoby - Blue

Alice Stanne - Heart Rock

I know Sunday's a free draw day, but who couldn't use a bit more love? I spent the day with my family and our unnaturally large collection of rocks, including this great heart rock. Couldn't pass it up in our month of love...

Marc Scheff - Ministry of Love

The diminishing audience for DOMA support.

digital over pencil sketch

Kate Feirtag_ Freestyle Sunday

Finley loves food and feathers. 

Carly Janine Mazur - Wing

8"x3.5" acrylic on wood
Today, I did a little experiment to play around with how I want to approach stylizing wings in a painting I'm beginning to work on.

Chris O'Neill - Rainbow Zombie Eyes

Lazy Sundays are the best day to draw rainbow zombie eyed girls.....


Sarah Gay- Sunday

gesso, masking tape, ink & graphite in Sketchbook and digitally colored

Thinking of days before now.
I was particularly inspired by the Library of Congress's Great Depression photo catalogue.

Happy Sunday

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Free Style Sunday

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?!? Guess I am from these Sunday doodles.

Tim Paul - Freestylin' Sunday

done in Painter with the colored pencil brush

Those that know me, know I have a love of the MTA here in New York. I love taking pictures of people on the train, and quite often those pictures are a great reference source for when I need background people or inspiration. I'm a firm believer in there being a public transit sub-culture, were there are rules and ways of behaving.

Recently I've been thinking how that culture might be, if the MTA riders were animals of different shapes and sizes. For example, would a frog have to share his seat with other smaller critters? Or the one per seat rule still go?

Also, it's just fun to draw a snooty old lady rino and her little bird friend, or a moody hipster hog.

Perhaps my next Sunday Free for all, will be to do a color version of this. 

Scott Brundage- Freestyle Sunday

Poured a blob of green ink, blew it around and then tried to see what lived in it. Apparently this guy does.

Scott Murphy - Sunday Anything

So I see some are still sticking with the love theme on this "freeform Sunday," but I've decided to diverge a little so as not to run myself thin on the love theme. And seeing as today is Superbowl Sunday....which I could care less about...but the one good thing about it is getting together and spending time with loved ones and friends. So one of the teams is the Ravens...and I also love ravens! So here's a raven:
An interesting note on my journey with this sketch. I had originally intended to do this as a proper ink wash, but much to my surprise, my moleskine sketchbook would not take a wash at all. It just beaded up and sat on the surface. I had no idea, having never tried it in a moleskine, but I know i've seen many people do it....maybe I have a weird kind? Anyway, I ended up using some gray Tombow brush markers and a black Micron brush pen which both also didn't soak into the paper at first. So I figured this would turn out terribly, but I eventually managed to wrangle into a half decent drawing...and it has kind of nice texture from how the ink unevenly soaked into the paper.

Jeanine Henderson-NOLA Love

With the big game in New Orleans today, I can't help but daydream even more than usual about my favorite city and how much I absolutely LOVE it there! So I decided to play around with a fluer de lis pattern today.

Terese Nielsen - Freeform Sunday

Moleskin, crowquill, water brush
My morning began by slowing down, strolling about in the sun on our little urban homestead, appreciating the daily beauties that I so easily grow accustomed to. Oftentimes I look past the small things and tend to not "see" in a way that honors its presence. This is sort of my form of meditation, in which I attempt to disengage from the art school, analytical programming of design, composition, value etc. and just feel my way through the lines. Though this was "freeform" day and could be anything, it was interesting to notice so many parallels to "love" as my pen explored the flowers presence.

Cynthia Sheppard - Lovely Subjects

I always considered this fact somewhat of a secret, but I'd wager a lot of figurative artists have experienced something similar. As I'm drawing or painting someone (especially a portrait or close likeness) I often temporarily fall in love with the subject. I believe it's a natural, involuntary response to an intimate connection between artist and subject. I wonder if this stimulation plays a role in attracting some of us to figurative arts, or if it's the other way around, and a deep love of the practice of art-making enhances the human connection.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Sunday Love

Growing up in Germany and South Korea, I fell in love with real football.  On this "Super" Sunday, here's something I love about the weekends: waking up early and watching my team Liverpool play.  YNWA.

Scott Bakal - Love Burns

I decided to jump into my sketchbook for today.

Jaime Zollars - Love is Blind

You know the old saying: "Blind love is like a Pinata full of wasps". Ha, I'm joking, no one says this. Not sure why the above was the visual that came to mind upon hearing the day's prompt, but then I've never been able to fully explain myself.