Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scott Murphy - Sunday Anything

So I see some are still sticking with the love theme on this "freeform Sunday," but I've decided to diverge a little so as not to run myself thin on the love theme. And seeing as today is Superbowl Sunday....which I could care less about...but the one good thing about it is getting together and spending time with loved ones and friends. So one of the teams is the Ravens...and I also love ravens! So here's a raven:
An interesting note on my journey with this sketch. I had originally intended to do this as a proper ink wash, but much to my surprise, my moleskine sketchbook would not take a wash at all. It just beaded up and sat on the surface. I had no idea, having never tried it in a moleskine, but I know i've seen many people do it....maybe I have a weird kind? Anyway, I ended up using some gray Tombow brush markers and a black Micron brush pen which both also didn't soak into the paper at first. So I figured this would turn out terribly, but I eventually managed to wrangle into a half decent drawing...and it has kind of nice texture from how the ink unevenly soaked into the paper.


  1. Thats a fine lookin raven. I've had similar experiences with moleskin, markers work pretty well, depending on how inky. Some of the more watery inks work ok, but you really need to slather that crap on and let it do it's thing. What is nice is that the moleskins are pretty hardy if you end up forcing them to work with you.

    But really, that is a damn fine raven.

  2. THat's lovely Scott! Ravens are so much fun to draw. BTW_ have you ever tried the Handbook sketchbook series? They are so much nicer for multi-media:

  3. try lightly sanding the paper in that moleskin.

  4. LOVE this. Have you seen Adam Doyle's work?

    1. I love Adam's work! He's my bro from SVA. good stuff.

  5. Thanks guys! Well, I got the sketchbook as a class gift from my MFA program at I'm just working with what I got, but thanks for the suggestions! And Scott, yes, it does seem to hold up well to a lot of heavy ink and a beating which is nice...I thought the paper would get all warped. Good suggestion Tim, I'll try that next time I want to try this. I'll look into the Handbook's Kristina when this one runs out. I'm sure like most of you, I have a million unfilled sketchbooks of varying size and quality. Here's to filling them all a little more!
    Mark, yes! I know Adam as he was a classmate with Lis back at SVA, I haven't seen his work in a while, but it's great! thanks for the link!


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