Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marc Scheff - Love Song Shuffle

As I shuffled through my library, I kept thinking about one song that always touches me in its simple, bare, emotion.

"At my most beautiful, I count your eyelashes."

I also really love R.E.M. so that's me counting young Michael Stipe's eyelashes.

Proof that I love them, below.

Challenge #11 for Thursday Feb. 28th

Our very special final challenge will be courtesy of the whole team.

 The subject is:  "I love you guys".  

Narciso Espiritu - Love Song Shuffle

Tegan and Sara - Back in Your Head

Scott Murphy - Shuffle Love Song

Knowing that my musical collection isn't the most "love song" inclusive I was curious to see just what would pop up. Sure, I have various Justin Timberlake (shut up) and Björk songs that I know are love themed, but I also know those would be few and far between amongst nearly 3500 songs. So I set the whole thing to shuffle and eventually, 236 songs in, I came across the first song that had anything to do with love, sort of (though there was one song about a lost love by The Cure...but it was far too depressing).

Not so much of a "fat" bottom...just nice and shapely.

"Fat Bottomed Girls" - By Queen

It also happens to be one of my favorite songs ever!

Alice Stanne - Love Song Shuffle

My shuffle landed on Next to the Last Romantic by Josh Ritter. It's got a great old western feel.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Jon Snow & Ghost

I loved the books in George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series so much that I refused to watch the HBO show until after the most recent book had come out - I didn't want their vision of the world and its characters to intrude on the one I had created in my mind while reading the books since they had started.  Two of my favorite characters in the books are Jon Snow and his albino direwolf Ghost.

Sarah Gay - Love song shuffle

My love-song shuffle landed on "Underwear" by the Magnetic Fields off their 69 Love Songs album :)
One of my favorites