Monday, February 4, 2013

Scott Murphy - Dragon Love

I find that sometimes the strongest bonds are the love between humans and animals...aaand I felt like drawing a dragon.
Man's best friend.

Scott Bakal - Heart Fart Art

Jeanine Henderson—Without Love

I've always loved to use quotes as illustration inspiration, and actually did a project last year that I collected lots of quotes on love for.  I always liked this Swedish proverb: "A life without love is like a year without summer" but never got around to illustrating it. It came to mind as I was walking home in the cold tonight. I pulled out my charcoal pencils for this sketch—which I haven't seen much of since my art school days!

Kristina Carroll - Heartkiller

According to urban lore, there used to be a rule around teardrop tattoos in prison that each teardrop represented someone killed.  I thought, what if there was someone who did something similar with hearts they've broken...

Later, the teardrop was adopted by gangs and a variation held that unfilled tattoos were for someone killed that needed revenge, and once revenge was taken the tear would get filled in.  I think either interpretation  works for my version.

L is for Love - Alice Stanne

I love doing incredibly ornate letters, so here is an L for Love. I hope to be able to clean this up and color it for a later date...

Sarah Gay - Loves Blankets

Graphite, colored pencil, & ink in Sketchbook- digitally colored

I am tired of the cold.
I love blankets.

Cozy in a pile
February is so cold
Blankets are my friend

Kate Feirtag- Lecture sketching fun!

Some quick sketches during tonight's lecture with Robert Hunt.

Chris O'Neill - Love your Beer

This started as a still life of an empty bottle near my desk, and turned into something else completely when I added the cute babe... I Love Beer, especially craft beer, especially IPAs. There you have it!


Terese Nielsen - Lovers

WIP... collage, acrylic, pastel, oil

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."  -Rumi

Honoring the exquisite woman I've been emerging with, for the last nineteen years.

Tim Paul - Caffeine Fueled Love

I imagine at this time of year, Cupid gets rather busy, and needs a little pick me up. 

Carly Janine Mazur - The Gift

5"x7" oil and acrylic
If you've ever owned a cat, there's never forgetting their odd ways of showing how much they love you. Especially when they leave it in your bed...

Narciso Espiritu - Keep Trying

It's not easy, just like everything that's worth it. 

Marc Scheff - Warm Bodies

Since today is an open day, I'm posting an unfinished sketch for a paintingo. I read Warm Bodies last year, and started a sample piece based on the story. It is now the top grossing movie of the week, so it might be a good time to finish it up.

Warm Bodies is a survival tale with a slightly new take on the zombie phenomenon. I don't want to give anything away, but our zombie hero does find a surprising amount of humanity in his currently unbeating heart.


Cynthia Sheppard - A Love of Knowledge

A comfortable old couch and a fascinating book = recipe for love.

Scott Brundage- Mating Season

I'm actually surprised I haven't already drawn some sort of primate. Enjoy the view.

Tara Jacoby - He Loves Me Not

Another Dorothy Park inspired sketch.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Arrows

I love arrows.  I devoured any and all Robin Hood books and movies I could find when I was young (I must have watched the Errol Flynn and Disney fox version hundreds of times), pored over NC Wyeth's illustrations, loved the Black Arrow Disney tv film starring Oliver Reed, wanted to be Legolas shooting orcs, my favorite part of Moebius' "The Airtight Garage" is when Archer shoots down the "Flying Object of Destiny",  the list goes on and on.  My dad, brother, and I used to go on walks in the woods in Germany and we would pretend to be Robin Hood and Little John, fighting with sticks on downed trees, ambushing evil knights with our bows and arrows.  When we would visit my grandparents in the mountains of Tennessee my grandfather would make me a bow from old tobacco sticks, and I would run around the fields, my head in a completely different century.  Now, as a collector of Japanese prints, I'm a sucker for anything with arrows, from the single solitary arrow of Yoshitoshi striking the deer to the samurai fighting through a hail of arrows.  As I search for my personal voice as an illustrator and artist, I am continually brought back to the child that I was, and the memories of when my imagination was just as real as the real world around me.  The child I was in 1985 is the art director of my personal work.  And he loves arrows.

Challenge #2 for Tuesday Feb. 5th

Our second Challenge comes courtesy of Jaime Zollars

The subject is:  "Love at first Sight"

Kyle Smart- I don't know what I'd do without you

Jaime Zollars - Charming Etheline

okay, this is still super loose (it's 2.5 inches tall) but I'm working up thumbnails for a finished piece I'd like to work on over the next couple weeks...Etheline is a character I'm developing who has a kindred relationship with snakes. She is part of my warrior girl series and she is quite interested in magic.