Friday, February 7, 2014

Scott Murry - #nofilter

When you watch a romantic scene of a movie, you'll catch moments of people kissing upside down, swapping spit within moments of duress, and certainly locking lips during a sunset or two. That's how the ideal spats of passion come about.

There's nothing quite as awkward or unromantic as dancing with your loved one in the shower to the Misfits' "One Last Caress" playing over an iPhone. But hey, real moments of love can take place anytime and anywhere—that's how you know it's the real deal.

Aaron Miller - Chocolate Rose #nofilter

Chocolate Rose | Aaron Miller | 2014 | 8x10" | oil on panel

When I was a kid my stepfather would run out to the drugstore and get his last minute gifts. Usually arranged around a beer run. At some point the end-cap box of perfume and fake pearls was just not cutting it for Mom. I'm pretty sure the fight started over something else but I recall a box being thrown and fake pearls flying everywhere. I've since associated stuff like that with comfortable levels of appreciation that relationships can attain that border on thoughtless. Automated birthday emails might some something that illustrate that as well. And in this case I choose the plastic wrapped chocolate rose. This just isn't something I'd have ever considered giving to a new girlfriend. After I painted it I did give it to my wife, just as unceremoniously as the token suggests.

Chris O'Neill - #nofilter

There's #nofilter when it comes to LOVE. We don't get to choose who we love, or why.

Joan Varitek - #NoFilter

The idea came from a concept of who we are really in bed with at any moment, with whom we share our real intimacies. Even after a successful date both parties might go back to browsing OKCupid, even idly. Or, in a more optimistic sense, the dishing of juicy details among friends has a shorter refractory period. As long as our Internet presence becomes an extension of our mindpsace, how well can we get to know a new person fully, even after being in bed?

Daniel Nyari - #NoFilter

A fun way to look at love is to think of it as an imbalancing factor. Its very nature is violent in relation to existence. Love automatically divides the world into more deserving or less deserving. We "fall" in love and become obsessed with the other.  As a result we risk over-idealizing this other and project our inner desires until we begin resenting them for what they aren't. When the veil is lifted, what reflects back at us resemble nothing of the people we first fell for but only the ugliness of our own avarice. 

Taryn Cozzy - #nofilter

My new beau is handsome, funny, sweet, and respectful. I really like spending time with him in any way possible - right down to the vigorous back rubs.

Wylie Beckert - #nofilter valentine

I've been with my boyfriend since high school - 11 years this Valentine's Day. After more than a decade together, there aren't many filters left - we frequently experience each other's unspeakable true selves, often for extended periods of time and in very close quarters. I think anyone who's lived with their significant other can relate to the impossibility of keeping one's more appealing public face on at home.

New medium for me! This is acrylic ink over a pencil/white charcoal drawing on tinted paper, tidied digitally. Special bonus: by rotating and shuffling the cards, you can change the story they tell.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- #NoFilter

In order to truly connect with the ones we love, we must put our guards down and let them in. Showing ourselves for who we truly are.

Lee Moyer - #nofilter Valentine

It's been said that Love Bites.
But that may be even more true for Lust.