Friday, February 7, 2014

Aaron Miller - Chocolate Rose #nofilter

Chocolate Rose | Aaron Miller | 2014 | 8x10" | oil on panel

When I was a kid my stepfather would run out to the drugstore and get his last minute gifts. Usually arranged around a beer run. At some point the end-cap box of perfume and fake pearls was just not cutting it for Mom. I'm pretty sure the fight started over something else but I recall a box being thrown and fake pearls flying everywhere. I've since associated stuff like that with comfortable levels of appreciation that relationships can attain that border on thoughtless. Automated birthday emails might some something that illustrate that as well. And in this case I choose the plastic wrapped chocolate rose. This just isn't something I'd have ever considered giving to a new girlfriend. After I painted it I did give it to my wife, just as unceremoniously as the token suggests.

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