Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kristina Carroll - Love at First Sight


 Like so many in my particular area of illustration, D&D has a very significant role to play in not only growing up with some sense of belonging but also becoming an illustrator. Even before I could convince my high school boyfriend (and my mother) to let me play, I would make him recount stories of his adventures every time he met for a game with his friends. I knew even before I experienced my first natural 20, that me and D&D were going to be very happy together.

Narciso Espiritu - Love at First Sight

I saw this group for the first time last year at Webster Hall. They were wonderful.
You could call it love at first sight.


Scott Murphy - Love At First Sight

Taking a little inspiration from my man Waterhouse today.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Love At First Sight

A different kind of love at first sight....

Sarah Gay - Love at First Sight

It was 1989
I was 6
 Batman was the first movie I had ever seen in a theatre.

It was love at first sight.

Kate Feirtag- Love At First Sight

"You know you want me."

Jeanine Henderson—Love at First Sight

The first time I saw New York City, I was in college, spending the weekend in the city with a friend. I'll never forget taking in that breathtaking skyline as we approached the Lincoln Tunnel. I'd never even thought about living in New York City, but at that moment I knew I had to make my way there someday—it was truly love at first sight! And nearly a decade later, I still find myself falling in (and sometimes out of!) love with this amazing place all the time!

Carly Janine Mazur - Love at First Sight

7"x5" acrylic and pen on masonite
The first time I met John was about 4 years ago. I was home for the weekend from college, wandering around the house, when my brother brought home a group of friends to sit around and watch movies and play video games. I shuffled in, sketchbook in hand, and sat in the corner of the room and drew him a few times.
It wasn't until 2 years later we started dating, but I'll never forget the way he glanced at me every now and then as I sat quietly sketching him.

Alice Stanne - Love at First Sight

The angler fish is a fascinating animal; the male of the species looks far less intimidating than the female. He also lives for nothing but finding a mate. With their incredibly strong sense of smell they search out a female in the dark and the second they find her, they latch on till they die. Sweet, isn't it?

Tim Paul - Love at First Sight

I'm not much for coveting items. But when I first heard of the Cintiq monitor, that lets you draw right on the screen, I was in love, though it would be years before we could be together.

When I moved to New York over 4 years ago, I bought myself one as a reward for doing so. I'm still in love with my Cintiq. Though to tell the truth, once I saw the new 24HD touch Cintiq, I knew in my heart, I had already committed adultery on my old monitor. 

Cynthia Sheppard - Love at First Sight

This sketch ties into another aspect of the love theme that I wanted to explore this month: Love is Safety. A baby depends completely on someone's care to survive, and so its first love is also a feeling of security attached to those that care for them— most often the first people they see.

Tara Jacoby - Love at First Sight

2 memes.. 1 sketch!

Marc Scheff - Love at First sight

But will it last?

Terese Nielsen - Love at First Sight

This quick charcoal drawing, is another moment summoned from my past. Nineteen years ago, I was buried in my evening motherly duties of tubby time with my two year old, when in sauntered sexy heels, attached to faded blue jeans, attached to--my best friend. It was a catalytic "uh oh" moment, where the startling vision of wanting Dawn to be more than a best friend hit me dead on.

Kyle Smart - Heavy Heart

Excellent work everyone, I can't wait for another couple of days so I can spend a bit longer on these!

Scott Brundage- Love at First Sight

"Of all the gin joints, in all the jungles, in all the world...."



Jeffrey Alan Love - Love at First Sight

When I was in elementary school a girl that I liked and I made an appointment to meet at the playground on Saturday and kiss - the first kiss for each of us.  The day came, we met, we played on the playground, and then we kissed.  Walking home I was in a daze.  My vision was blurry, I was stumbling, the world was fuzzy.  It was snowing slightly, and the world seemed magical.  "This is what love must be like," I thought.  Just like in the movies and the books I read - love really did have a physical effect upon you!  It all seemed very exciting.  When I got home, my dad looked at me and told me that I was missing one of the lenses from my glasses.  We walked back to the playground together and there, upon the site of my first kiss, was the lens, winking up at me from the snow.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- I Love Bernie Fuchs

 Bernie Fuchs is one of my all time favorite Illustrators, so I decided to pay him a little tribute by copying one of his drawings and adding a little bit of some month of love flare. Enjoy my feeble attempt at connecting with a true master.