Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Terese Nielsen - Love at First Sight

This quick charcoal drawing, is another moment summoned from my past. Nineteen years ago, I was buried in my evening motherly duties of tubby time with my two year old, when in sauntered sexy heels, attached to faded blue jeans, attached to--my best friend. It was a catalytic "uh oh" moment, where the startling vision of wanting Dawn to be more than a best friend hit me dead on.


  1. Wow... that night... strutting into the bathroom while you were bent over the tub washing Lars... our eyes met... me secretly trying to be sexy without admitting to myself I wanted you to notice.... what a lot of water under the bridge... we went on to wash all four of our little kids together... that rubber ducky saw a lot of action. xoxo

    1. Oh MAN...! Right?!! I'd say more... but it'll get too gushy, even for a "month of love" blog. <3

  2. This is so sweet. What a great moment.


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