Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jeffrey Alan Love - Love at First Sight

When I was in elementary school a girl that I liked and I made an appointment to meet at the playground on Saturday and kiss - the first kiss for each of us.  The day came, we met, we played on the playground, and then we kissed.  Walking home I was in a daze.  My vision was blurry, I was stumbling, the world was fuzzy.  It was snowing slightly, and the world seemed magical.  "This is what love must be like," I thought.  Just like in the movies and the books I read - love really did have a physical effect upon you!  It all seemed very exciting.  When I got home, my dad looked at me and told me that I was missing one of the lenses from my glasses.  We walked back to the playground together and there, upon the site of my first kiss, was the lens, winking up at me from the snow.


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