Monday, February 11, 2013

Cynthia Sheppard - Gamer Love

I think my Minecraft addiction is trying to tell me something...

Alice Stanne - Little Birds

One of my favorite poems by e.e.cummings begins with the lines:

may my heart always be open to little
birds who are the secrets of living


Jeanine Henderson—Crawfish Love

I love all things New Orleans—especially the food! Threw together this little crawfish design, in honor of Mardi Gras tomorrow!

Carly Janine Mazur - Lovetopus

3.5"x3.5" acrylic on wood
Thought of doing something cute today, that and I'm all noodly from shoveling snow!

Kate Feirtag- First Love

This is my first love Dylan.  We were in third grade and he was a complete nerd and probably had no idea I liked him so much.  I changed schools and never saw him again, but Facebook told me he's married now with kids.   

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Corto Maltese

This is Corto Maltese, a character created by the amazing Hugo Pratt. Corto is a sea Captain adventuring during the early 20th Century. He is a "rogue with a heart of gold", reminds me a lot of "Mal" Captain of the Serenity in Firefly. Corto instinctively supports the disadvantaged and oppressed. His adventures are fascinating and easily rank at the top of any must read Graphic Novel lists.

 If by chance you happen to run into a copy of his adventures buy it immediately as they are pretty hard to find in the U.S. You will not be disappointed. Though don't buy the latest English translation of "The Ballad of The Salt Sea" it's just complete butchery of all time classic book.

I <3 Corto Maltese!

Tara Jacoby - Lost Love

Tara Jacoby - Auto Reply

This was yesterdays... but I couldn't figure out how to post from my iPhone.

Marc Scheff - Horrificionado Love

Man, do I love horror movies. When I was 14 I got a job at Out of Town News in Harvard Square. I cut papers (unloading) and sold them on street corners around the square. I worked in the back room mostly. I was 14, so they weren't psyched about me handling money all the time.

I went home every day and read books en route, usually something by Stephen King. I would get off a stop past my house so I could go to the video store and rent a few horror movies. My day started and ended early, so I had lots of time to take in every cult classic and every piece of garbage horror flick I could get my hands on. Have you seen all the Howling movies? You shouldn't, but I enjoyed every one.

On a rare day where I was working the outside register a man walks up and holy shnikeys did this guy look like my favorite author, Stephen King. He bought a NYT Book Review, a Harpers, and something else. Shy as I was, I managed to squeak out "Hey, you look a lot like Stephen King," to which he replied, "I am Stephen King." He was gracious enough to give me an autograph, and since I had nothing to write on, I pulled out a dollar from the reg and he signed that. That dollar is now framed in my basement along with a news clipping from the next week's Boston Globe where Mr King stated clearly that he just doesn't autographs at all, not for anyone.

Man, do I love horror movies.

Tim Paul-Birds of a Feather

I'm on an animal kick right now. This morning I was sketching Flamingo's for another large animal illustration, and while doing some photo research saw some Flamingo's posed in such a way to make a heart. So it inspired me to make that my Love Sketch for the day!

Jeffrey Alan Love - The Undead King Rises

Anyone who flips through my portfolio can probably tell that I love to draw skulls. 

Kyle Smart - Flowers

Narciso Espiritu - Crush 1

(I'll only do this once, since the other Daily Drawing Challenge I'm doing on Tumblr coincidentally aligns with a free-love day on Month of Love.)

I guess it should be no secret that I (had/have) a crush on Jenna Kildosher, but we work together on Instigatorzine. So we should keep it strictly professional, right?


Challenge #5 Feb. 12th - 14th

Our 5th Challenge  comes courtesy of Tim Paul

The subject is: "My Love Story"

This is a series challenge. For the three days leading up to Valentines day, do three images related to one autobiographical story concerning love. Crushes, relationships, schoolyard, you name it.

Scott Brundage- Love Sick

Narciso Espiritu - Freestyle 2

Yes, I was watching The Walking Dead last night.
Yes, I miss Daryl's poncho.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Freestyle Sunday

Here's an Arrested Development piece I'm working on for Freestyle Sunday.