Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scott Murphy - Love Quest Part 2

So Lis and I became official after dating for about a month or so. Ever since, we've been nonstop in our seeking out quests and adventures.

Over the years we've managed to travel to Canada, Spain, Turkey, England, Scotland, Norway, and countless places in the US. I couldn't ask for a better travel partner in the whole world. 

Kristina Carroll - First Love Story: Part II

Chris and I talked on the phone a few times.


He even came over once to play on my jungle-gym with me.

When he gave me a big, purple ring from a cracker-jack box, I knew it was serious. I mean, our names were sort of the same so it was clearly meant to be.

And for two whole weeks, he continued to walk me home. This was pretty much a record relationship in 6th grade and I was very proud.

( Part I here. )

Alice Stanne - Love Inventories (Pt.1)

I asked my boyfriend to help me with this project since he is the source of the inspiration. We made a little book cataloging all of the most important parts of our first "date." So I asked him to design a pattern for the cover of the book, while I did the insides.

The middle section reads:
You told me you had a joke, "There is a penguin on one shoulder..." and you wrapped your arm around me. "That's the end of the joke."

Kate Feirtag- Love at First Site, Part 2

On the other side of the screen.  Colin and his standing desk.

Jeanine Henderson—Unexpected Love, part 1

As a single gal in NYC, I dated all walks of life, entertained friends with my ridiculous stories, and even filled sketchbooks inspired by the hilarious losers I'd encountered. And after 7 years of online dating and set-ups, I met John one very random night at a bar. I'd spent that day dreaming about places I could move where dating might be easier, and he'd been on a bad date just that afternoon! We were both just having dinner & drinks with friends—so not in the least expecting to meet someone we'd fall in love with that night. Maybe it was just all the beer...but who says love doesn't happen the old fashioned way anymore? ;)

Cynthia Sheppard - Eleven Blue Roses

My Love pt. 2

Brendan and I had known each other as friends, and later as band mates, for almost 7 years before we went on our first date. I took the train into NYC to meet up with him in December 2006. He bought me a bouquet of blue roses from a street vendor, but removed one rose and gave it to an old woman. She smiled. I smiled.

Scott Brundage- High School

In high school, Bonnie and I were good friends. I drew her many many pictures.... to be fair, I drew a lot of girls pictures, but Bonnie's were the best ones.

I still got shot down every time I asked her out.

(I never really drew a picture of her in a steel bra riding a unicorn, but that sort of thing would have made her laugh. That was usually the goal.)

Jeffrey Alan Love - Sleeping Muse

Kyle Smart - Meeting Amy

Amy was the first person I met when I went to university. We made a pretty bad first impression of each other. I had a thick northern accent and spoke way to fast for her to understand, and she was hungover. We lived in the same halls of residence together. Its weird how things turn out. 

Scott Murphy - Love Quest Part 1

Back in 2010, after much difficulty trying to meet females of a like-mind in New York City, I decided to ask a few pals about my options for meeting a quality mate. A good buddy said, "Well there's this online site, it's decent." I thought to myself, "Online dating! That sounds extremely desperate and ridiculous!" But being too much of a wuss-face to actually talk to anyone in real-life anyway, I decided to give it a shot. It was free anyway. The site was called OkCupid. So I signed up for an account and made a profile just for the hell of it. It wasn't so bad, and I could actually search for people who shared the same interests as myself. After going on a few dates with people from there, I narrowed my search down to only those which most closely matched my own interests. Eventually I sent a message to Lis who was the most interesting of all the people I was closely matched with. After some emailing, we decided to meet in person. I was excited and terrified.

I decided that we could meet for dinner and followed that up with some tickets to the Upright Citizens Brigade. For some reason we met at 3, even though the show wasn't until 7. We met in the city (meeting a person you've only seen pictures of a few times before can be quite scary), but my fears were cast off as she was as beautiful as ever, and we went off and got dinner at a nearby diner. Actually, as a side-note, we had our first dinner next to Carson Kressley (from Queer Eye, I hadn't seen the show, but she knew him and I recognized him) and discussed how crazy that was. In any case, we finished with dinner within about an hour and thus realized we had at least 2 hours before our comedy show would begin. Not knowing what to do, we walked over to Madison Square Park and sat down on a bench. It was as awkward as it always is when talking with someone whom you've never met at length, but I found that we had so many things in common it became fairly easy to talk forever. We chatted about art, tattoos, traveling the world, our love for skulls and the grim, and lastly our love for heavy metal. The remainder of the date went well, and we would continue to see each other thereafter.....