Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kristina Carroll - First Love Story: Part II

Chris and I talked on the phone a few times.


He even came over once to play on my jungle-gym with me.

When he gave me a big, purple ring from a cracker-jack box, I knew it was serious. I mean, our names were sort of the same so it was clearly meant to be.

And for two whole weeks, he continued to walk me home. This was pretty much a record relationship in 6th grade and I was very proud.

( Part I here. )


  1. Love these!
    And EEEEeeep!
    I posted about a cheapy little love ring too!

  2. Ha- thanks Sarah! Those little plastic rings were the key to a little girl's heart right?

  3. These are SO sweet Kristina! Us chicks are such suckers for rings aren't we? : )


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