Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alice Stanne - Fetish

For my fetish piece I decided to do formicophilia, the arousal to insects, or as I like to call them my kinky bugs. Each bug was painted in watercolor and cut out, then pinned into a handmade box lined with cork board.

Kevin Jay Stanton - Fetish (2 of 2)

Like I said, this was a tough one for me to figure out. In the end I decided the closest thing I have to a fetish is falling in love with a series of fictional characters. I have a thing for grumpy, sarcastic guys in particular, and chief among them is Garrus Vakarian, of the Mass Effect trilogy. It's actually spun into what could be a small series akin to Kali Ciesemier's awesome zine, All My Anime Boyfriends, at this point. So maybe I'll give that a shot when I have a little more time!

Kevin Jay Stanton - Fetish (1 of 2)

Initially I didn't plan on doing a piece this week because I couldn't think of anything other than the lyrics of a Rihanna song. When I mentioned this to my little brother, he thought of Hedonismbot, so I did a quick cut-out of one of my favorite Futurama characters. It's kind of a dirty gold color, which I think is pretty apt.

And I couldn't help but hear "Djambi!" in my head while doing this.

Next piece coming in a few hours!

Jeanine Henderson - Fetish

Found myself kind of fascinated when I came across "Forniphilia" while doing a little research for this challenge. It 's a form of bondage and sexual objectification in which a person's body is incorporated into a piece of furniture...
I've been inspired a lot lately by the work of Erte, simplifying & stylizing and trying to find that sweet spot of illustration perfectly married with design.

Lee Moyer - Fetish