Friday, February 1, 2013

Chris O'Neill - Cat Love

This girl LOVES her cat! (She really does...) Happy February all!


Terese Nielsen - Love

There are many forms of love, and a mothers love is one I'm very familiar with. This sketch is the beginning of a piece I'd like to continue working on. Many years ago I shot photos of my niece and sister in law, and have always wanted to do something with it. For this "sketch" version, I'd still like to add some white pencil for the highlights and a few touches of gold. Actually, I'd like to detail it out and paint it... we'll see.  : )

What an awesome group. Thanks for letting me share here.

Gotham Gray Strathmore paper, Aquarelle charcoal grey pencil 

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Love

Hey Guys, 
I'm really excited to be a part of this. Looking forward to all the art that's gonna be going up here!

Kristina Carroll - Renewal

This is an idea I've had floating around in my head for a while: new love growing out of the old. When any relationship ends, a little something dies. But in time, that shell of  past relationship can be the house for something even better.

Carly Janine Mazur - Look of Love

4"x4" oil on masonite

Hooray, this is so exciting! I'm thrilled to be a part of this love-fest with all you guys. My theme today was the Look of Love, taken a tad bit literally.

Alice Stanne - Lovebug

Hi everyone! So glad to be participating. Here's my little lovebug!

Scott Murphy - Big Love

Thanks guys for letting me be a part of this! Here's my first go:
What a charmer!
Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Scott Bakal - She's A Very 'Hearty' Girl

I've been watching the new work go up all day and I am excited to see how things ebb an flow over the course of the next month with everyone's work!

Thanks to Jeanine for creating such a nice header and thanks to everyone else for being so enthusiastic! Kristina's idea wouldn't have the momentum it does if it wasn't for you - and she is thrilled over here!

She's a Very 'Hearty' Girl | 11x14 | Charcoal and Ink

I've been planning a part business and part 'sit on a beach and stare at the ocean' sort of trip the last couple of days. It occurred to me that it would be pretty interesting if I saw a bathing suit like this.


Tim Paul-Cafe Love

Since the first sketch/drawing was open subject, I decided to go with an image about that first moment you see someone. That moment of first attraction. 

Jeffrey Alan Love - First Love

The first thing I say "I love you" to in the morning is a cup of coffee.

Sarah Gay- Love

Mmmm... hello
Firstly, I'd like to thank Kristina and Scott for inviting me to join this journey.
I am totally humbled and inspired by all these other amazing artists who are participating!

For my first contribution...I'm not sure I have anything to really write about except that for me, love is about finding that place and meeting there together. 
Where ever there is.

<3 Sgay

Narciso Espiritu - Norm & Luca

No, they're not crying.

I like couples. Strong couples, especially. They're like a team. This is Norm and Luca, two creative individuals in Jersey City. One is a fine artist; one is a creative enabler. They do vastly different things, but they fit together quite well. However, I don't see them affectionate with each other very much, so I thought I'd force them into a hug here. 

Tara Jacoby - Unfortunate Coincidence

For those of you who know me... I'm a pretty cheerful person, BUT I love, love, LOVE dark subjects. So, I'll be posting a ton of bitter Dorothy Parker inspired sketches this month for all my single ladies out there.  Don't fret. I'll pepper in some happy, mushy subjects too. :)

Jeanine Henderson—Love Birds

Been playing around alot with pattern making lately and looking alot at decorative & textile illustration, so kind of tapped into that inspiration for this "lovebirds" sketch to kick off the Month of Love!

Cynthia Sheppard - Chemical Reactions

Edit: I'm all self-conscious now because I didn't post any text with my sketch. Here I'm beginning with a tribute to the river of powerful sensations flowing through the heart and mind in love - butterflies, fireworks, sparks. Sometimes confusing, often wonderful.

Marc Scheff - Love is a Burning Thing

Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" holds a special place for me. We sang it in San Francisco over flaming Drambuie and Liar's Dice at the Buddha Lounge. Night after night putting on our best for the Man in Black who had not yet passed. We were young with minds, and hearts on fire.

Scott Brundage- Nice Shot

The first of possibly too many Cupids.

Kate Feirtag_ Otters in Love

I asked my sister what to illustrate.  She said otters.  I  watched some videos of otters holding hands and decided they needed a break from all that swimming and probably wanted some wine to go with their romantic boat ride.  Ben is on the left and Noel is on the right.  Hope you like it Kelly!

Kyle Smart- Love Puzzle

Okay so looks like I'm first out the gates,  all thanks to the invention of time zones. Heres hoping that I start small and finish big.

Challenge #1 for Saturday Feb. 2nd

Our first Challenge comes courtesy of Marc Scheff. 

The subject is:  "Love is Blind"