Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jeanine Henderson—Love Song Shuffle

The first love-themed song that came on my shuffle this morning on my way to work was Nina Simone's "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" (the funky Verve-remixed version). So when I got home tonight, I let myself unwind with a pen, a sketchbook and one of my favorite things to draw: hair!

Carly Janine Mazur - Love Song Shuffle

On the way to and from work I had my good 'ole Zune on shuffle, and Rammstein's Pussy came on. That's a love song, right?.... Right?!

Tim Paul - Love Song Shuffle

Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference (Morrissey)

While maybe not strictly a love song, after hitting random 20 some times, this seemed like the closest I was going to get to a love song, or at least something love related.

It's not the size of the meat, it's the motion of the ocean, they say.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Love Song Shuffle

 The song that came up for me was Fools Rush In by Elvis Presley. When I heard the line "When we met, I felt my life begin" the first thing that popped into my head was a seed sprouting. So I went with that :)

Cynthia Sheppard - Love Song Shuffle

My current playlist is “Slow Sexy Art Mix,” and I’d probably be listening to it even if it wasn’t the Month of Love, because I like it. The first track that played when randomized was “Casualty” by Snake River Conspiracy, which lyrically may be more of a melodramatic revenge track, but the groove is definitely love-ly:


The image I chose to go with is kinda creepy as hell, but the idea was that relationships are sometimes built on the bones of the last ones: the casualties.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Black Hair

"Black Hair" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds was the first love song that popped up today on my shuffle.