Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Alice Stanne - #nofilter Valentine

I thought about the true meaning behind different gifts of Valentine's Day candies. So many of them seem so trivial and not particularly expressive of love at all. You know a guy is a keeper when he skips over the candy completely and buys you a whole cheesecake, now that is true love. This is definitely worth looking at bigger to catch some of the smaller text.

Daniel Fishel - #nofilter Valentine

When your completely enamored with someone, you tend to have tunnel vision and view everything in a lens viewing everything to be fine. Especially when you've been seeing someone for almost a year. It was a cold day in November when I rode my bike to south Philadelphia to see my girlfriend over breakfast. I waited on a bench in the cold until she came by before heading to the South Street dinner near her place. I was reading Philly Weekly as she was walking over and when I went in to give her a kiss she moved her head to the side. It was probably the most awkward morning and breakfast I would have with someone because I knew that this was the breakfast that would buffer for the break up. In a streak of good luck, I noticed as I was unlocking my bike that both of my tires were flat. I had to walk my bike a good twenty blocks home completely choked up. I even considered ditching the bike. Looking back in hind sight, I missed all of the signs of what making my "perfect relationship" with this beautiful intelligent women go wrong. We were becoming two different people with different ideologies of how to live and where we wanted to go. I was also moving to NYC and she was going to spend a half a year in Italy. What do you expect in your early 20's?

Kiri Østergaard Leonard - The #nofilter Valentine

We hear so many stories of love being that initial buzz when we're drunk with emotions and butterflies, but in honesty it is ever so fickle and fleeting. Unfiltered love I view as that which has matured for years and years, the love that has formed a bond so deep that even when the beauty is gone and faded it remains.

Lee Moyer - The #nofilter Valentine - Tuesday

For today's Month of Love entry, I asked my friends what they considered an overlooked part of what love means. What can I tell you? Their minds were in the sewer....