Friday, February 21, 2014

Kristina Carroll - Fetish

graphite on paper

Taurophilia - The love of bulls.

Oh those Greeks. So much bestiality.

 I've been enamored of the Labyrinth and Minotaur story ever since I can remember. So naturally I had to give a nod to poor Pasiphae who was cursed by the gods to become obsessed with a bull and give birth to the Minotaur as a result. This was a very quick drawing experimenting with different ways of using graphite. I've had bulls on the brain a lot lately because I am working on a full Minotaur illustration right now. Here's a teaser:

Daniel Nyari - Fetish

Apotemnophilia: The Sexual Arousal based on the image or fantasy of one's self as an amputee.

Taryn Cozzy - Fetish

Gerontophilia - sexual attraction to the elderly

Winona Nelson - Fetish

A little-studied fetish: Narcissism, or autoeroticism.  It's a sexual and romantic attraction to oneself and preference for single-player sexy times over sex with a partner.

Scott Murry - Fetish

People do some weird shit out there. We all love our pets, but somewhere you gotta draw the line—Keep that peanut butter to yourself!

Lee Moyer - Fetish