Monday, February 18, 2013

Sarah Gay - Love series

"It was first grade
His name was Jacob.
He was the smelly kid
and he loved me.
He gave me a .25 cent ring.
He was my first grade boyfriend."

"We snuck away from our desks
We hid in the coat rack
Jacob had a tiny hole
in his pants.
He showed me something.
I was startled. "

"We shared our first kiss
On the fuzziest carpeted steps
I had ever sat on."

My mother, cousins, and I ca. 1989

Kristina Carroll - Spooning

It's past the halfway mark- time to break out the bad puns!

Carly Janine Mazur - Eat Me!

5"x7" acrylic on masonite, with yummy chocolates

It's been a few days since Valentine's. The last bits of candy are trickling away, and those left just screaming "Eat me!"

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- I Love my dog

This my dog Sasha, she can be a real butt head sometimes. But I still love her.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Capes

I know that there are many rational explanations as to why you shouldn't wear a cape (either as a superhero or a normal everyday person) but I still love them.

Challenge #7 for Tuesday Feb. 19th

Our 7th Challenge  comes courtesy of Kristina Carroll

The subject is:  "The Odd Couple"

Scott Murphy - Free Sunday

Well we went out and did some karaoke tonight since it was a holiday Sunday. So here's a super quick sketch of our stuffed piranha I did before we left.