Friday, February 8, 2013

Chris O'Neill - I Love My Bike

I Recently put new handlebars and brake levers on my bike. I LOVE the new setup. As soon as the snow stops, I'm going for a ride!


Kristina Carroll - Neverending Story Love

Last night I heard some music coming from the living room that I recognized but couldn't quite place. When I asked Scott, he said he was watching the Neverending Story. Now most children of the 80's that grew up with this movie have fond memories just like me, but when I got older I also discovered the original novel- which I've read about 5 times and is my favorite book. Last night reminded me of how much I've always wanted to do art for this book. I've done a couple pieces throughout my education, but was never satisfied. (doing art for something so personally important is always the hardest) But today I decided to sit down and do a little character design.

The story has some distinctly eastern flavors in descriptions and philosophy, so I thought I would start by adding some of those to my version of the Golden Eyed Commander of Wishes. (aka- the Childlike Empress) I wanted to give a hint of story elements in her crown (including Falkor) and hid Auryn in her costume. She even has a heart in there.

Cynthia Sheppard - Manufactured Love

Jeanine Henderson—Love Finds You

With a crazy-busy day today, I decided to revisit and colorize a drawing I'd done awhile back. Last year, I participated in the Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project, with a "Girls in Love" themed sketchbook. I chose quotes about love, and illustrated them with simple inked line drawings and hand-lettering. Every so often, I love revisiting them to create more finished color pieces. I'd like to take more time with this one and try some more color variations—especially within the type.

Narciso Espiritu -LITM

This guy is one of the bartenders at a local watering hole called LITM-- or Love is the Message. Everyone just calls it 'LITM' in Jersey City. I'm sure even visitors call it that. Anyway, this guy's name is Alan Cano. He works at this bar, he's pretty funny, and we may be related.

Yes, this is vaguely love-related.

(I do love this orange ink, though. Rich color.)

Sarah Gay - Love

Marc Scheff - Cherry Pie

The first tape I ever bought was Warrant's Cherry Pie. This album is still some of my favorite guilty-pleasure poppy hair-rock. Pure sex on roller skates. I remember listening to Mr. Rainmaker over and over and over, and singing along with all my pre-a-capalla-group might. Go ahead and have a listen.

Tim Paul - Love is Battlefield II

Love is a Battlefield II. 

Terese Nielsen - Day 1 Revisited

I may get excommunicated from the group for this because I'm reposting one from the first day that I put several more hours into yesterday and today. I'm calling this a finished tonal drawing now. I just completely fell in love with designing shapes and lines within this... really enjoyed myself.  : )

Alice Stanne - Papilio Amoris

Here's another love bug, though this time it's a love-butterfly.

Scott Murphy - Snow Love!

I'm so excited that we're finally getting a proper blizzard here in New York. The past couple years haven't really seen many nice big storms. I know that many people don't like snow, but I absolutely love it. No other natural weather occurrence has the ability to turn every day environments into magical wonderlands like snow does. When I was young, I remember countless winters where it would snow well over 12 inches and very often, 24 inches. I would always go out fully suited up so that every inch of my skin was completely covered, and I'd carry a ruler. Thus, I would wander around the neighborhood measuring the depths of snow to see where it was deepest. It was always so quiet and peaceful. Not to mention the great snow forts and tunnels I built in many a snow mound! So here's my quick ode to snow. I'm sure there'll be more in days to come.
he's making a snow angel(heart)
Also, I'm not sure why he's a viking, I guess I'd rather draw a viking than some normal person in the snow...more fun!

Carly Janine Mazur - Web of Love

5"x7" acrylic and pen on masonite
I was in the basement a few days ago and saw a woodlouse spider ambling his way across the floor. They're frightening looking things with huge fangs and deep rusty red in color. I named him Peanut.

Kyle Smart - Love is a battlefield

What the hell is this?! did i just draw a guy getting cut in half by a kick to the balls

Jeffrey Alan Love - Batman & Robin

Inspired by Sarah's previous Batman post, here's my take on the caped crusader and his diminutive sidekick.  Who doesn't love Batman?

Scott Brundage- Miga

Here's my dog, Miga. She's a runty pitbull that spends the entire day like this. I love her.

Challenge #4 for Saturday Feb. 9th

Our 4th Challenge  comes courtesy of Carly Mazur

The subject is:  "A Face Only a Mother Can Love"

Narciso Espiritu - Love is a Battlefield

First time I dropped the ball here on Month of Love. To be honest, I was having too much fun with this one. I wanted to drop around thirty more heart knights in the back, maybe surround them with spade, diamond, or club warriors. Probably a project for another day. 

You can see all the fun I was having in the sketch below.

Scott Murphy - Love is a Battlefield

Quite literally.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Love is a Battlefield

Here's Spider- Man at the scene of his greatest failure, the Brooklyn Bridge. Where his girlfriend Gwen Stacy is hurled off the tower by the Green Goblin. Spider- Man manages to catch her with his web shooter, he pulls her up thinking that he has saved her. But the whiplash from being caught in mid air has snapped her neck and killed her...