Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cynthia Sheppard - Love Is A Battlefield

Getting a bit silly in here today. Love is a battlefield, and every mean girl's high school yearbook page a memorial to those who fought.

Scott Bakal - Love is a Battlefield

Chris O'Neill - Love is A BattleField

All this talk about Blizzards has got me thinking... LOVE may be a battlefield, but maybe sometimes it's a snowfield too... or something!


Kristina Carroll- Love is a Battlefield

Words can be the sharpest weapons. They cut small and shallow but leave a lot of scars.

Sarah Gay - Love is a Battlefield

My concept behind this drawing is: like a battlefield, life can be fleeting and each step must be taken with care. I feel the hourglass, cliche as it may be, symbolizes how fleeting our moments are. 
And with love, I feel that it's constantly flowing and can sometimes be disproportionate but surely, things always flip around. 

Jeanine Henderson—Love is a Battlefield

A little warrior girl for today's challenge topic, ready to fight her way to, or through, love.

Kate Feirtag- Love is a Battlefield

She's gonna eat him. 

Marc Scheff - Love is a Battlefield

I was in an a capella group in college. I know for a fact you can spell that with one 'p." We did a very intense medley of Pat Benetar's oeuvre. There was choreo. Points if you can find the video on YouTube.

She is the first thing I thought of to sketch for this one, squeezed between all-day meetings, class, and a new very fun project I hope to tell the internet about very soon.

Carly Janine Mazur - Love is a Battlefield

5"x7" acrylic on panel
Gotta get some target practice in.

Tim Paul - Love is a Battlefield

Heartache to heartache, we are strong.

Once we get out of recovery.

Alice Stanne - Love is a Battlefield

Only time for a quick sketch tonight, so here's our cat Maximus. When you want to play with him you have to suit up, I usually opt for oven mitts. But he's just so cute I can never resist.

Tara Jacoby - Love is a Battlefield

Terese Nielsen - Love is a Battlefield

Moleskine journal, photos, staples, tape, sewing machine, heart juices...

An angsty, visual journal page, from several years back, in which I was struggling with the losses and questions of my ravaged, battle-torn relationship.  

(Photography by Alex Tinsman)

Scott Brundage- Love is a Battlefield

All Primate on the Western Front

Jeffrey Alan Love -Love is a Battlefield

Richard III has been in the news lately, and today's theme reminded me of his story.  When his brother the King died he was named Lord Protector of his nephew King Edward V.  Richard moved quickly, escorting the young King to the Tower of London, quickly followed by his other nephew Richard.  By August the young King had been declared illegitimate, Richard had been crowned King, and the young princes were never seen again.  It is thought that Richard sent a knight, possibly James Tyrrell, to murder them.  Not so long ago love truly was a battlefield.

Kyle Smart- I love the NHS

I go for pretty regular infusions at the hospital, and today was such a day. The NHS has been getting a lot of flak lately, but every time I go, I'm reminded by how important it is and how grateful I am that its there. Its probably my primary concern when we talk about emigrating once in a blue moon.

Tara Jacoby - Playing with Fire

Sketch #6...A few hours late. 
This is one I actually did in January, but never got around to posting.  This seems like the perfect opportunity. 
Goes with the general love theme. Will post todays theme later on.