Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kristina Carroll - First Love Story: Part III

 Then one day, I waited for Chris to meet me after school and he didn't show up.  I was a little bit worried but convinced myself that he was just sick or something. However when I called his house later, he wasn't home and he didn't meet me the day after that either...

Later that week, I found out he had been walking Misty Powell home from School. He was no longer my boyfriend.

- The End -

Part I
Part II

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz- Love Triangle?

Hey guys! Sorry for going awol on everyone, I've been extremely busy this week and was unable to post anything the last couple of days. Here is one of the reasons. I have the piece above in a show at Bottleneck gallery here in Brooklyn. The show is called "Get a Room" and it is a tribute to the greatest "couples" of our time.

I decided to go with the amazing "Love Triangle" of Buster Bluth and the two Lucilles in his life. If you're in the area swing by the opening tomorrow. It's a great little gallery.

60 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Get a Room Valentine's Day Preview Sale
 8PM-10PM Eastern

Click Here: Preview Sale

Upcoming Exhibit:

Get a Room

Friday, February 15th - Friday, March 8th

Opening Reception: Friday February 15th from 7pm to 10pm 

Online Sales Begin Saturday February 16th ~ 12 noon est.

Cheating: My 29 Year Love Affair

Today I should be posting my 3rd in a series of my love story "challenge" which I planned to do related to the current love of my life. However, as she well knows, I've never really given up my lover of 29 years. She's smooth, sleek, always available, and SO responsive to my touch. I fear I'll never give her up. This Valentines post goes out to my well worn, but dearly beloved Staedler Mars-780. <3 She gets some special dark chocolate almond bark today. 

Love story coming this weekend. (sorry all)

Marc Scheff - Long Distance Love

Chloe went back to Boston. She was a law student and I was the Creative Director at a t-shirt company in San Francisco. We both spent a lot of time on our computers. We said that the distance was to great to commit, but we sure committed a lot of time to instant messenger.

Alice Stanne - Love Inventories (Pt.2)

In this book we decided to cover the first time my boyfriend came to visit me at my parents house. This was a pretty big deal for us; his parents didn't approve of our relationship and he had to say he was going somewhere else. But we had the most wonderful weekend going around to all my favorite places. Seeing how excited he was by the places I loved I knew he was the guy for me. (Again he drew the covers just like the first time.)

The middle section reads:
I took you to all my favorite places at home, including the Bistro for breakfast, where you didn't bat an eye at my carb intake.

Scott Murphy - Love Quest Part 3

Having been together for nearly four years thus far, Lis and I have been going as strong as ever. I can only hope we continue to grow and learn and love and adventure for a long long time. Here's what our future looks like:

This was also the valentine I gave to her today...she loved it. It encompasses pretty much everything we enjoy (except illustration, but I guess it is an that counts). I wanted it have a similar feel the album covers by our favorite band Manowar! Who's original covers were done by Ken Kelly, they're ridiculous and awesome. Also, that's our future dog when we don't live in New York and have space for it.

Happy Valentines!

Scott Brundage- Present Day

After college and some years more, I finally wore her down. It didn't hurt that my awkward stage finally ended at age 28. We had our first smooch on a dock near her folks' house.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Valentine's Day

Carly Janine Mazur - Coffee Talk

7"x5" collage and acrylic on masonite, shot on location!
While my brother was off in California, John, a coworker of my brother's, would take me on late night trips to our 24-hour diner. Up until that point I had only spent time with him in the company of my brother and his group of friends. I always felt like an add-on, and not truly integrated.

At the diner we would sit for extended periods of time until the wee hours of the morning drinking cup after cup of coffee, getting to know each other better and better. We talked about video games, books, movies, television, art, anything and everything. Slowly but surely, a mutual love was brewing...