Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cheating: My 29 Year Love Affair

Today I should be posting my 3rd in a series of my love story "challenge" which I planned to do related to the current love of my life. However, as she well knows, I've never really given up my lover of 29 years. She's smooth, sleek, always available, and SO responsive to my touch. I fear I'll never give her up. This Valentines post goes out to my well worn, but dearly beloved Staedler Mars-780. <3 She gets some special dark chocolate almond bark today. 

Love story coming this weekend. (sorry all)


  1. I've been using the same thing for all my drawrins. Maybe not the vintage model, but same look and color scheme. You should try using it to draw a primate or seven.

  2. OMG... with the Mormons it was polygamy... now it's polyamory... what's a girl to do with such a wild thing???

  3. Same as Scott. A newer model, same classic color. Seems like this girl gets around.


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