Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scott Brundage- Anything for love, but I won't do that.

I won't say it happens in every relationship, but it happens in many.*

*Bonnie has never asked me for "help" along these lines. 

Kristina Carroll - I would do anything for Love

But I won't go on murdering people with a machete...

Scott and I finally watched 7 Psychopaths this weekend- which I thoroughly enjoyed. It had some of my favorite people in it: Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, and Tom Waits. Tom played, surprise, one of the psychopaths but sort of a psycho with a heart of gold. {SPOILERS}  He met his wife at her rescue from a serial killer and they decided to become serial killers of other serial killers. Eventually though, it started getting to him and he let her go off alone, which he immediately regretted and spent all his time after searching for her. The rabbit is a keepsake from their last "date" with the Zodiac killer.

Basically it's Tom Waits, in a suit, walking around with a rabbit the whole time. It's perfect.

Tim Paul - Won't Do That

For me, the limits are matching running suits. Or any matching outfits that some couples tend to like.

Sarah Gay - Odd Couples

Sorry this is so very late!
A very busy week has just ended, I am back on the horse :)

One of my starving-artist-fat-kid-food favorites.

Jeanine Henderson—I would do anything for love...

...but I won't do that!

Nothing against tattoos, but I would never get anyone's face permanently drawn on my body! Haha

The full-time design gig was totally creatively draining this week, so missed a few posts and felt great to get back to drawing & have some fun with a little ink and guache tonight.

Cynthia Sheppard - But I Won't Do That

Saturday Challenge: I'll do anything for love, but I won't...

...give up my career, or stop being an artist. Some people I love have discouraged me or tried to get me to give up that dream, but let it be known: if I succeed or don't succeed at this job, it's going to be on my terms.

Jeffrey Alan Love - Zeus & Athena

Today's theme "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" reminded me of the birth of Athena.  Zeus swallowed her mother after having sex with her because it had been prophesied that any of her offspring would be more powerful than the father.  It was too late, though, for soon Athena sprang from his skull, fully grown.  I'd do a lot for love, but cannibalism and giving birth through my skull aren't going to happen.