Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kristina Carroll - #nofilter Valentine

Charcoal/Digital 18 x 24
So everyone always says "Just be yourself, you should be loved just as you are!" And while that is true, what they don't mention is the simple act of loving and being loved changes you. Being in any meaningful relationship changes your perception. It introduces new ideas, causes you to like things you never thought you would, dislike things you thought you liked... both about your partner and yourself. Certainly these transformations can be devastating, they are often painful... but If you chose wisely, hopefully they will be good in the end.

Erika Steiskal -- #nofilter

"I love you; please put the math away."

When you love someone, you want to be part of that person's world, but some worlds have more compatible foundations than others.  I married a scientist.  That comes with lots of perks: constant learning, tons of books, and (mostly) awesome conversation; however, some of those conversations can be surprisingly math heavy.  I like to listen and I try to learn.  Occasionally, I even come out on the other side with a basic understanding of whatever we discussed.  But if I'm honest, some days I just can't take the math.

Marc Scheff - #nofilter

This week I have a commission and it is love-themed. My client wanted a portrait of his girlfriend, who loves plants, nature, trees, and mushrooms (the non-illegal kind).

My interpretation of #nofilter is literally showing you the process of my acrylic work, without the filter of a sexy presentation or cleaned-up digitally-altered drawing.

This is stage 3 or 4, an ink drawing to guide my painting. The board surface is wood, which I sealed with a thin layer of matte medium to prevent ink bleeding. After this I will apply washes of color, and eventually details, and some more ink and gouache. And yes, I'll paint out that double right arm.

Jorge Mascarenhas - #nofilter Valentine

Love can take a dump on us. JM

Narciso Espiritu - #nofilter Valentine

There's just things you miss sometimes. Especially when you've made a choice to not explore.

Steen - #nofilter Valentine

There's nothing like the anxiety I feel in between bouts of communication.  But when I do get that reply or that call with that person, I'm able to feel grounded.

Lee Moyer - The #nofilter Valentine - Thursday

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