Thursday, February 6, 2014

Erika Steiskal -- #nofilter

"I love you; please put the math away."

When you love someone, you want to be part of that person's world, but some worlds have more compatible foundations than others.  I married a scientist.  That comes with lots of perks: constant learning, tons of books, and (mostly) awesome conversation; however, some of those conversations can be surprisingly math heavy.  I like to listen and I try to learn.  Occasionally, I even come out on the other side with a basic understanding of whatever we discussed.  But if I'm honest, some days I just can't take the math.


  1. Is that a fibonacci swirl on the back of the girl's shirt? Nice added touch!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! It's a fractal, but it does appear to be disguising itself as a Fibonacci spiral.


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