Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kristina Carroll - I would do anything for Love

But I won't go on murdering people with a machete...

Scott and I finally watched 7 Psychopaths this weekend- which I thoroughly enjoyed. It had some of my favorite people in it: Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, and Tom Waits. Tom played, surprise, one of the psychopaths but sort of a psycho with a heart of gold. {SPOILERS}  He met his wife at her rescue from a serial killer and they decided to become serial killers of other serial killers. Eventually though, it started getting to him and he let her go off alone, which he immediately regretted and spent all his time after searching for her. The rabbit is a keepsake from their last "date" with the Zodiac killer.

Basically it's Tom Waits, in a suit, walking around with a rabbit the whole time. It's perfect.

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