Friday, February 8, 2013

Scott Murphy - Snow Love!

I'm so excited that we're finally getting a proper blizzard here in New York. The past couple years haven't really seen many nice big storms. I know that many people don't like snow, but I absolutely love it. No other natural weather occurrence has the ability to turn every day environments into magical wonderlands like snow does. When I was young, I remember countless winters where it would snow well over 12 inches and very often, 24 inches. I would always go out fully suited up so that every inch of my skin was completely covered, and I'd carry a ruler. Thus, I would wander around the neighborhood measuring the depths of snow to see where it was deepest. It was always so quiet and peaceful. Not to mention the great snow forts and tunnels I built in many a snow mound! So here's my quick ode to snow. I'm sure there'll be more in days to come.
he's making a snow angel(heart)
Also, I'm not sure why he's a viking, I guess I'd rather draw a viking than some normal person in the snow...more fun!


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