Friday, February 7, 2014

Daniel Nyari - #NoFilter

A fun way to look at love is to think of it as an imbalancing factor. Its very nature is violent in relation to existence. Love automatically divides the world into more deserving or less deserving. We "fall" in love and become obsessed with the other.  As a result we risk over-idealizing this other and project our inner desires until we begin resenting them for what they aren't. When the veil is lifted, what reflects back at us resemble nothing of the people we first fell for but only the ugliness of our own avarice. 


  1. The wet couch is a nice touch, haha.

  2. Daniel, tell the truth. This is me right? After we did that job together. I know I was harsh on you.

    1. You got me. So now you know how I've always pictured you.

  3. Wow- very smart and great sense of humor! Love that last panel.


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