Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cynthia Sheppard - Lovely Subjects

I always considered this fact somewhat of a secret, but I'd wager a lot of figurative artists have experienced something similar. As I'm drawing or painting someone (especially a portrait or close likeness) I often temporarily fall in love with the subject. I believe it's a natural, involuntary response to an intimate connection between artist and subject. I wonder if this stimulation plays a role in attracting some of us to figurative arts, or if it's the other way around, and a deep love of the practice of art-making enhances the human connection.


  1. so true- and I love the voyeuristic quality to this composition as well.

  2. I know that feeling - it's part of the reason why I love life drawing so much.

  3. Wonderful drawing and thoughts Cynthia.
    The older I get, the more I seem to be capable of allowing this. Earlier in my life I was so bound up emotionally, as well as artistically worried about getting everything "just right", that less feeling was able to penetrate. Thank god for middle age. : )

    1. Yes! The letting go of technical perfectionism in favor of loving the subject sometimes makes the paintings more "perfect" (I think). Thanks, Terese :)


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