Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ålice Stanne - Love Is Blind

My roommate and I have been watching a terrible amount of this new MTV show Catfish where people fall in love with someone on the internet having never actually met and develop these incredibly intense relationships, sometimes lasting as long as 10 years. At the behest of one side of the couple the host of the show does some digging around to see is the other half of the couple is actually who they say they are (spoiler alert! usually they are not). He will then introduce the couple for the first time face to face. These meetings always end differently; some are incredibly sweet, some are sad, and but the person never turns out to be exactly what the other was expecting.

So I decided to focus on how you are rendered blind meeting someone on the internet, they can build the life of whoever they want to be...

And please excuse the poor quality of the image, I am at my grandmother's house where the words scanner and Photoshop do not exist. I will upload a cleaner image when I am home.

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