Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tim Paul - Love is Blind

digital illustration, Painter

The term Love is Blind refers to not seeing the faults of the other person. It's used to explain/justify how two seemingly mismatched people could be together. My first thought was just that, two people staring intently into each others eyes, and behind them, all the baggage and faults of each person towering up behind them.

But recently I saw a screening of Cabaret. In the movie, there is the song "If You Could See Her (Gorilla Song)". Played for humorous effect, by having the object of the singers affection being a Gorilla dressed in women clothing. But the song ends with the line, "If you could see her through my eyes, she wouldn't look Jewish at all." Instantly changing the song from a humorous song, to a comment on the social and politics of the time. (Cabaret is set in Berlin, Germany, on the verge of WWII).

People have always tried to use Love to suppress someone's rights. Be it because of religion, race, class or sexuality. But when it comes down to it, Love is Blind. It sees none of these things. 


  1. Great image Tim. I remember growing up in MT we put on Cabaret and they changed that line so it wouldn't be so 'controversial'. Oy.

    1. I'd only seen edited for Television versions of it before, so seeing a restored original version of it showed me what a great and powerful movie it really is, and why it's viewed the way it is.


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