Saturday, February 2, 2013

Marc Scheff - Love is Blind

First I want to thank Kristina for this great project, and for gathering all these great illustrators. I am honored to be on the team with some of my personal illustration heroes. I am also excited about building up some more of my own editorial muscle and show more of that side of my brain. With that in mind...

When I hear the phrase "Love is Blind" I immediately think of the song by U2, and Bono's fight against poverty, war, and inequality in the world. I think of that famous image of a flower child placing a flower into the barrel of a gun. I think of the Occupy movement and how those same overtures are now met with unabashed violence.

I think of the issue of gun control, and the endless stream of homicides in the news, and the furious debate over how to create a safe world for our children, and for ourselves. I think that both sides of the debate can agree we want a world that is safe. They just don't agree on how to get there. I read a lot about these issues, and science shows that more guns just means more killing. Expressing love for our brothers and sisters by self-arming is, in fact, blind to the ongoing cost of that method.

pencil / digital

pencil sketch


  1. I. LOVE. This. Powerful. Very well done Marc. Great eye for an eye" reference too.


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