Friday, February 22, 2013

Kristina Carroll - Ophelia

I'm fascinated with characters who are driven to extremes by love. Like Medea, Ophelia has been misused, though exactly how is never explicitly mentioned. To me, she was always meant to represent the very fragile and most human elements in Hamlet. Between ghosts and murder and incest, how does one lovesick girl compete? We connect with that simple desire in the face of evil and the tragic results of what happens to innocence in  madness. I see the death of Ophelia as the point of no return for the other characters.

I really want to do something more with this I was playing around with the shapes of flowers and thinking of orchids when developing the overall shape.


  1. Beautiful, would love to see where this goes.

    I love the story of Ophelia...I've always been drawn to her beautifully morbid demise.
    I have a beautiful print I bought when I was 16 from La Louvre...I've been fascinated with her ever since.

    If you continue this piece, I'd love to see the finish, please re-post it!


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