Saturday, February 16, 2013

Narciso Espiritu - My Love 2: Adventure Time

The months immediately following Stephanie were times of rediscovering myself and adventuring into new territories. Although, these things aren't really that new. I guess it was an explosion of independence.

The way things started between Kasey and I were kind of in the shadows, since we had both just gotten out of relationships. You could say it was good for both of us, to get a release, but it just started out of fun. Like all things that start out of fun, it got serious. See, Kasey's ex-boyfriend, Raymond, and I were just starting to be friends... right before Kasey and I began seeing each other. (Awkward, and of course, big, heavy guilt.) Regardless, Kasey and I were spending so much time together that we created a bond. We ate at new places, explored new places, met new people-- she even got me into a workout routine (a routine I really have to get back into.) With bonding and all that time spent together comes feelings and ya...

Since I was just coming down from a seven-year relationship, I didn't want to lie to myself and say I was ready to fall in love again so soon. More importantly, I didn't want to lie to Kasey. She was and is too bright an individual to do that to, and I was done lying to people. In the end, I really valued her being there for me--really, being there for each other. That summer would have just been filled with ice cream and video games and I wouldn't be half the person I am today. (I would probably be twice the person after all that ice cream.)

(Ray and I are okay now, by the way. Or at least I like to think we are. [Sorry again, bro.])

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