Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tim Paul - Love Series complete

So, I really fell behind, and now I'm trying to catch up. We had a challenge of a three part autobiographical series leading up to Valentines day. I did my first one, but I really wasn't happy with the execution. So I redid it along with the other two.

I often joke that me and my husband meet the old fashioned way. At a bar on dollar drink night. We had both seen each other, and thought each other cute. But it was me that made the move. I had copies of a self published zine comic with me, that I was going to give to a friend who didn't show up. So I wrote my number on the back, and while he was inline to get a drink, I went up, and said:

"Hi, I just want to say, I think your cute, and me and my friends are heading out, but here are copies of a comic I write and draw. Read them if you like them, call me, my numbers on the back."

He stopped me from leaving, and asked me what my name was. I told him it was Tim, and asked him what his was. When he told me it was also Tim, I asked what his last name was.
Thankfully it wasn't the same as mine.

So I said, "Well, if anything, this is probably the weirdest pick up you've ever gotten."

"No" he said, "It's the best I've ever gotten."

"Well, on that good note, I'm going to go!"

Right from the start, our relationship was marked with a lot of similarities. Such as I was the only other person his friends had heard say "Got my Christmas Goose Early!" something Tim would say all the time, when someone would touch his butt. Or that we both liked Emmett Otters Jug band Christmas.

One morning, after Tim had spent the night, we went out for breakfast, and on the way home the temperature dropped an it started to rain, making us wet and chilled. When we got back to my place, we both collapsed on the bed. A few seconds later, at the same time, we both said. "hmmmmm cozy" like Homer Simpsons would. Then a few seconds later we both said, "Creepy". We have always said the same thing at the same time, often with the same inflection of tone.

We got married 9 years ago, in what we call our Mass Cult Wedding. Tim entered a contest the W Hotel in Chicago was having, where they wanted 5 couples, straight or gay, come down and get married on the spot. The catch being that one half of the couple wouldn't know, and the other would propose on the spot, if the other half said yes, get married right there! All 5 couples said yes, and we all went upstairs and got cleaned up, made over and dressed.

It was suspossed to be on Valentines Day, but the upper Hotel Management didn't want to give free rooms on what is one of their busiest days, so we had to do it on the 13th. Friday the 13th.

So we got married on Friday the 13th. 

If it's not a little off or weird or against tradition, it doesn't seem to be right for us. 


  1. Tim this is such a sweet story- and lovely illustrations. I like that you made them a little more personal with the detail.

    And anyone who doesn't like Emmett Otter simply doesn't have a heart.


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