Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kevin Jay Stanton - Favorite Love Story

I realized that while I do watch a lot of romantic movies, I tend to think of the romance as somewhat secondary. The forerunners for this project were initially two of my favorite movies - The Fifth Element and Ever After. But neither of them really resonate for me romantically. Frankly I just like Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Drew Barrymore kicking ass. All of my ideas revolved around heroic poses of them.

So I went back and decided on A Very Long Engagement, which can truly be called a romantic movie. In highschool I would sigh about how deep Mathilde's love for Manech was and how strong their bond was, and think about that mournful tuba. Also, Marianne Cotillard is a serious badass in this, and I'm all about that. Oh and for anyone who hasn't seen the film - "MMM" stands for "Manech aime Mathilde" and is carved into the bell of a church where the lovebirds grew up.

At the moment I'm trying a bunch of new techniques to flesh out ideas and this seemed like a good opportunity to do so!


  1. Lovely story. I watched this in a double feature with La Vie en Rose. Marianne Cotillard was SUCH a badass I never realized it was the same actress. I was deeply grateful when she won the Oscar.....

    1. I haven't seen La Vie en Rose yet, and I love Marion Cotillard's other work, but I was also very surprised by her in this movie!


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