Monday, February 10, 2014

Lee Moyer - Favorite Love Story

The splendid BrainPickings offers a fine essay on this topic:

As we make historic progress on the dignity and equality of human love, it’s hard to forget the enormous indignities to which the lovers of yore have been subjected across the 4,000-year history of persecuting desire. Among modernity’s most tragic victims of our shameful past is Oscar Wilde, who was imprisoned multiple times for his “crime” of homosexuality, run into bankruptcy and exile, and fell to an untimely death. But Wilde’s most “sinful” quality — his enormous capacity for passionate, profound love — was also one of the most poetic gifts of his life.


  1. Thanks miss. :)
    I'm highlighting different aspects of love each day this week.
    Today, it's prison bars and the taboo.
    Tomorrow, it's spurned affection,. Then Tragic Love, Outlaw Love, and finally Love both real AND fictional.


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