Thursday, February 28, 2013

Carly Janine Mazur - Scott Murphy

I first met Scott at the IMC, and to make the analogy, he was sitting at the cool kids' table. I yearned to sit at the cool kids' table, so I secretly looked up to him and the rest of the group. I was always too shy to approach many people (still am, as Cynthia had said) so I never said anything more to him than a curt "hey I like your stuff it's really cool okay I'm gonna go over there now bye." From this point on I should break out of my shell and be conversational!

So, Scott, the most definitive things about you I have presented here quite simply, yet powerfully. I hope you dig it!


  1. Haha, nice! A fine interpretation. Though you may not think so, I too have a difficult time approaching people and knowing what to talk about with them...especially those I don't know, or rarely see. So next time, don't be shy! I hope we run into each other at some event or convention in the coming months.


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