Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jeanine Henderson—Cynthia Sheppard

I have to be honest, likenesses aren't my strongest point, so I was a teeny bit nervous about this challenge. But I really lucked out getting to draw Cynthia–someone who I've only "met" through this blog, so had no clue what she looks like! Turns out, she's stunning! I drew from a pic on her facebook page that was just so inspiring & beautiful—I can only hope I did her at least a little justice! :)

It's been such a fun month and a pleasure getting to know you all! You're all so amazing & inspiring. Thanks, Kristina, for putting this all together and letting me be part of it!


  1. Whoa! Nice one, j9! Haven't seen you tackle a likeness in a long time, and you nailed it.

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  3. Yay, so happy you like it, Cynthia!! And thanks too, Scott! :)


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